I have been in the hobby for a long time. I was scanning Eros in Indiana for new companions and all of a sudden there she was - EVA LOVE. I noticed here photos were very unique and incredibly artistic. After reading EVA's intro I was like lets do this. I e-mailed EVA and she contacted me back. EVA requested that I provide references so of course if your in the hobby you should be verified. We set up a time to meet at her in-call location. For now it is a little bit of a drive but let me tell you, it's worth it. She has a rural location for now.


Eva, oh Eva, how I adored our first session together. I was lucky enough to be one of her early visitors and will be back whenever I can see her while in town. She is a true gem and loves sex and sensuality in every form. She is as open minded and fun as you will find. I highly recommend!


I'm astonished that I'm the first one to review Eva on here. Even though she's new, she's such an incredible provider, I would have thought that surely someone else would have beaten me to the punch. I can only assume that others, like me, perhaps wanted to keep her all to themselves. I'm not kidding about that. She's the kind of girl that makes you want to rethink your life a bit and perhaps do what you can to take her off the market.

Ok...so general details. She's the girl in the pictures. That's what she looks like and that's her place where the pictures were taken. She's incredibly artistic and every detail of her life is suffused with what amounts to a worship of all the beauty in the world. It's like she was ripped out of SoHo as a part of the Beat Generation and transplanted to live an out of place Bohemian existence outside of Kokomo...

Does that even make sense? Probably not. That's what she made me think of though. She doesn't belong in a small town in the Midwest, but there she is and we are lucky to have her.

You'll note I only gave her location 4 stars and that's not reflective of the place, which I love, but just the distance from Indy where I live.

If you can tell that I'm having trouble trying to explain just how incredible my time was with her, then perhaps I'm conveying just a sense of how wonderful it was.