You must be verified 

Must be at least 30 years old

Must be respectful & curtious during emails & date

Must have your full payment before the date begins






Discretion is absolutely my number 1 priority. I'm not in the game of malacious behavior nor do I want myself seen in that type of light on either end. Privacy has always been valued in every area of my life and will continue to be. Who & what my clients do is no ones business! 

While I do accept half hour appointments, I do not accept half hour rates! 

Yes, they are extra soft, a very realistic augmentation! Crowd favorites!

I do, truly. Everything has it's good & bad points but overall I've had amazing experiences & really love & appreciate my regular clients. I enjoy building relationships with my guys, whatever the dynamics may be. I'm lucky. 

We all like to think of ourselves as unique and different, I most certainly believe I am unlike most people I come across. I like to think that I'm intelligent & quick witted with a comfortable energy. I like to make people feel good about themsleves. I'm funny, warm, welcoming & playful. Highly spiritual but not religious in any way if that makes sense, mystical. All in all, I'm very easy going, kind & polite to everyone I encounter.

No. If you're more feminie than I, it's going to be very awkward. Plus, I only like straight men! 

There are many ways to verify yourself & the easier we make this process, the better. Please never ever hassle me about this step, its all too easy to block an email address & never think twice about it again. 

Lots of companions use a various ways to verify their clients, my go to is normally a photo of your ID along with a selfie you've taken yourself with your smart phone to match the picture on your ID, links to prove your employment & at least two references from previous providers. 

Every situation is different & verification steps may vary from client to client. Potential things I may ask for are links to your social media accounts, work phone numbers I can look up on google to call you at, LinkedIn account & so on & so forth. If you really want to see me, this doesnt have to be a hard process at all. Once you're actually within my presense, all that anxiety will quickly fade out & you'll be in heaven. Promise!

I do lower my rate for regular, consistant clients, meaning they see me at least once a month for a period of at least 4 months. A client who keeps in regualr contact with me, yet fails to book will not get this discount. I love sweet talk & romance but it isn't enough to lower my rates, sorry. 

I have my photos taken often, they are real, me & recent!

Yes! Being verified ensures safety on both ends. I  understand some clients are not comfortable with being connected to the sites that make this easier for us to verify who you are, in that case, I still require my own personal verification techniques which could include showing me your ID prior to our session, links to social media and other various ways of proving your identity to me. As stated before, discretion is immensley valued and takes top priority, the information you share with me will only be seen by me! 

I will only travel & do overnights with clients I know, respect & have history with!

Very sexy, you want to look and touch, A mix between soft and athletic

I'm authentic. No gimmicks. What you see is what you get. Physically & otherwise. Capable of delivering massive amounts of feel good energy to you, all while staying true to thine own self in the process. 

You get my full attention, don't really watch the clock. 

I'm very generous with my affections

No, men only The female body is no doubt a beautiful creation but I have no desire to be with a woman in that sense. Or multiple people at once. One to one, makes it very intimate & special. 

All clients are grandfathered in at the price they paid at initial meeting. Unless it was a less then pleasant experience for me you will not have to worry about paying a higher rate to see me. 

If you emailed me at a time when my rate was lower & never actaully booked with me, that does not apply to you as you were never a client & will need to pay the rate that is listed now & for all future appointments.