1. What is required to receive services?

You must be 30 years old or older. You must be respectful and courteous during the date, and you must have your payment available before the date begins.

2. Are the photos on my ad really me and are they recent?

Yes, the photos are me and  were all taken at the end of December 2017. In fact, I took them myself inside my home, as I'm also a photographer as well. 

3. Am I discreet?

Discretion is absolutely my number 1 priority here! I'm not in the game of malacious behavior nor do I want myself seen in that type of light on either end. Privacy has always been valued in  every area of my life and will continue to be. Who & what my clients do is no ones business! 

4. Do I need to be verified prior to meeting?

Yes! Being verified ensures safety on both ends. I also understand some clients are not comfortable with being connected to the sites that make this easier for us to verify who you are, in that case, I still require my own personal verification techniques which could include showing me your ID prior to our session, links to social media and other various ways of proving your identity to me. As stated before, discretion is immensley valued and takes top priority, the information you share with me will only be seen by me! 

5. Do I offer half hour rates?


6. Do I accept credit cards?

No. Cash only

8. Are my breasts enhanced?

Yes, they are extra soft, a very realistic augmentation! Crowd favorites!

9. Am I available for trips & vacations?

Yes, with the proper amount of time to arrange my schedule, I am available to get away with you for a few days of fun!

10. How long have I been a companion?

I began late November in 2017

11. Do I like what I do?

I honestly love it!  Firstly, I've meet the most incredible people in my life in the last few months through this line of work, really amazing people! Second, I'm a very sensual & relations type of person, highly enjoy fleshy pleasures & meeting so many unique and intelligent men along the way! Third, I mean c'mon guys, does it get better than this as way to bring an income in? No.. I don't think so. It's fun, interesting, always something to do, a new place and person to go see! I really love making the connections in life with some of you! Truly enriching experiences that I could have never stumpled upon in any other line of work! My clients are the best fellas in the whole world, you can take that to the bank! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to be in this position & line of work, so yes, I absolutley LOVE what I do! You guys are truly amazing & I thank you so much! 

12. How would I describe my body?

I'm of average height topping off at 5’6”. Extremely curvy while also being thin. I have children, so my badges of motherhood appear randomly in some spots, not too noticebly though, at least in my opinion, which we all have so I can leave that up to you to decide. I work out regularly, but am overall soft. It should be noted that since I've began this line of work I have been persistentt at gaining my muscle to acquire a more toned body not only for you veiwing pleasure but for my own personal gains as well. In its current condition I would have to say that I do very well at turning just about every man's head I pass by. 

13. How would I describe my personality?

We all like to think of ourselves as unique and different, I most certainly believe I am unlike most people I come across. I like to think that I'm intelligent & quick witted with a comfortable energy. I like to make people feel good about themsleves. I'm funny, warm, welcoming & playful. Highly spiritual but not religious in any way if that makes sense, mystical. All in all, I'm very easy going, kind & polite to everyone I encounter.