In order for you to get the maximum pleasure from your experience, Eva requests that you adhere to some general etiquette guidelines.


First, please be mindful and considerate of your time with her.  Booking is required at least 24 hours in advance and everyone must complete the verification process. This verification process can be found on our Links page.


Eva Love accepts all forms of payment.  If paying by credit card, a $200 refunable deposit is required after your initial contact with her assistant. Eva's assitant will explain the details to you for this deposit. Tips are always appropriate. Sometimes special needs requested will require an additional fee.


Please make sure you are well groomed shortly before your experience and insure you have good oral hygiene.  Brushing and flossing is appreciated.


For both safety and discretion if paying in cash, Eva asks that you have your consideration counted and placed in a card or book that you are gifting to her. Leave the gift on the counter in the bathroom. Also, please refrain from speaking about money during your experience. Do not discuss any acts before your journey begins either in person, in emails, or on the telephone.


If you decide that you would like to extend your time, it is important that this arrangement is discussed upfront and the fees are collected beforehand. Extra time on a date will be subject to the schedule.



  1.) Ask about Eva's personal life

  2.) Ask for a lower price. 

  3.) Be rough


Most of all, please have manners, be respectful and conduct yourself as a gentleman. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs should be abused before the experience begins, thus ensuring a more fulfilling
encounter. If any of these guidelines are not respected, your experience may be terminated.


You should expect a deeply sensual and passionate encounter. Upon initial contact with Eva's assistant, please inform her of any special needs you may have.  Eva does have some limits and boundaries that she is not comfortable with.