As mentioned in my Schedule tab, please contact me 24 hours in advance to ensure your appointment!


Prior to emailing me, please have your verification information ready because you can bet I'm going to ask for it. No one & I mean NO ONE gets by this process! There are a multitude of ways we can do this as I know many of you are quite uncomfortable with sharing personal information. While I do respect & understand this, I ask that you respect & understand me when I say this step is necessary in order to meet with me. I don't know you, I'm sure the majority of you are very lovely men, however not all of you have the same agenda & my safety come first. I would not be successful in this endeavor if I weren't safe & discreet, so please be assured any information you share with me is under complete lock & key & thrown away. I have a hard time fathoming how some clients can't understand this & it totally turns me off from expending any further energy on the matter & client. 


I will not respond to emails that simply say hi, ask questions that have answers stated on this site or anyone emailing with a number to text or call them at. Email only. I do not give my number out, there is no need to in this day in age where absolutely everyone has access to a smart phone with email & wifi. And if you don't, you probably aren't the client for me. 


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